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        like curled up in a fold of the forgotten time of          men, in a corner of history ignored by the emergency physicians of the consumerist nothing - somewhere between the Japanese Middle Ages and the globalized 21st century - Catherine Ludeau occupies a space, an alcove of peace, where you feel at home without having been invited.

Like a sublime submarine volcano, material and telluric, the work of Catherine Ludeau explodes in silence. The pain here is not in the birth, but in the genesis. Only a long process, invisible to the eye, was able to make possible the emergence of his work so successful, so simply beautiful.

Catherine, as a secular old sage that she is not yet, gives birth to the strange material that contains an obvious finitude, without appeal, where everything is said, with the gesture for word, the quest for frame. To contemplate and let yourself be carried away by this ballad in the heart of the gardens of your mysterious soul, soothed, cured of who knows what painful journey, is a bath from which you come out enriched, rested, almost new.
It is indeed birth and matter that it is: the resin can never be totally tamed, it diverts the artist's original intention and leaves room for surprise, that contained in any work whose essential remains buried in the belly of the creator, until childbirth.

From the first glance, Catherine Ludeau's paintings do their work of appeasement, wonder and we want to have them close to us to draw each day the serene energy they deliver. Morning paintings for a smooth awakening, a smooth transition between the world of sleep and that of busy busyness. Paintings of full light in the warmth of which we come to seek comfort and confidence. Chiaroscuro paintings that invite meditation.

Under the air of Yoko Tsuno *, Catherine involuntarily hides the keys to her treasure, which, moreover, we do not want to know in order to alter nothing.
In his refined universe, it seems time has stood still, we live in weightlessness. The traveler that we are there meets a revealing mirror that evokes the reintegration of opposites, yin and yang, all reunited, the balance of the universe, resin without varnish.

- Nicolas Lepeu


Catherine Ludeau was born in Paris, graduated from the Duperré School of Applied Arts, she moved to New York in 1978, and worked as an illustrator for the press and publishing.

She returned to France in 1981, and continued her artistic journey through watercolor and blood drawing. 1999 is the beginning of oil painting. From 2000 and for 4 years,

She will pass on her knowledge by giving lessons in drawing, painting and watercolor. The first paintings with resin appeared in 2011.


Photo © Anna Marchlewska.

Personal exhibitions

2023 Naître vestige, Galerie Hors Champs, commissariat Hannibal Volkoff Paris

2022 Icône, Nordic Art Agency, Malmö

2022 Petits formats Galerie Hors Champs, commissariat Hannibal Volkoff, Paris janvier

2021 Microcosme/Fusion Metal, Bar LMDW 11 rue Tiquetonne 75002 Paris

2021 Une archeologie du silence, Galerie Hors Champs, commissariat Hannibal Volkoff Paris

2021 Terres ether, Galerie Terrain Vagh, commissariat Véronique Grange-Spahis Paris
2020 Spot lights, Nordic Art Agency, Malmö (rescheduled 2022-Covid)
2020 Absorption, Galerie Hors Champs, commissariat Hannibal Volkoff Paris

2019 De cette écorce que revêt le temps, Galerie Hors Champs, commissariat Hannibal Volkoff Paris
2018 Étoiles et toiles , Gallery ARt'gone Street argone the Metz - May / June

2018 Fusion Lumière, Galerie Couteron rue Guénégaud, Paris  - March

2017 Origines , Galerie Jean Paul Gossin avenue de Messine, Paris - December

2015 Mondial des Puces , Galerie Koutouzi St Ouen - September / October

2015 Ciel Ether , Galerie 21, rue Dauphine, Paris - May / June

2014 Éphémère , Galerie104 Kleber, Paris - December

         Spirit research , Fine Arts Museum / Dachu Gallery, Wuhan, China.

        Mondes parallèles, Gallery 1-47, Asnières-sur-Seine.

2013 Microcosmes, Le Dôme du Marais, Paris - October.

2013  Recent works, Le Loft Sévigné, Paris.

2001 Recent works, Galerie Cathay, Paris

         Couleurs d'horizon, Galerie Yves Halard, Paris - May

2000 Au fil des jours, Galerie Techno, Paris

Collective exhibitions

2022 Expo Singulart Espace Coworking Colombes 92700

2019 Les Artistes Critic Art , Galerie Boris, Paris

2019 Jaune de mars doré, Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris

2018 Highlighting , Galerie de l'Escale, Levallois - January

        Comparaisons Fair , Grand Palais Paris - February

2017 Art to go! Art / mar gallery rue Chapon Paris - July

        Grand Prize of the Institute , Institut Bernard Magrez Bordeaux -  July

        Auction in Drouot , -  October

        Comparaisons Fair ,  Grand Palais  Paris -  February

2016 Plurial abstractions , Espace Art et Liberté , Charenton-le-Pont - March / April

2015 Contemporary Art Fair Zurich , Kongresshaus Zurich - October

         New Realities Fair , Parc Floral, Paris - October

         Salon d'Automne , Champs Élysées Paris- October

2014 Salon SNBA , Pyramide du Louvre, Paris - December

         Sur Naturel , Gallery 1/47 Asnières-sur-Seine -  November

2013 Contemporary Art Festival , Wuhan Museum of Fine Arts , China.

2009 and 2003 GMAC Place de la Bastille, Paris

2003 Collective , Envie d'Art Gallery , Paris

Catherine Ludeau's approach is based on the search for pure thought, through symbolism .My only subject is the sublime, the inaccessible star in an ideal world. I try to be inspired by a grace and an elegance present only in nature, and in the vital essence ...

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