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Tax exemption

Buying a work of art is deductible from the company's profits

A company which buys an original work can under certain conditions deduct from its annual result, the purchase price of the acquired work.


Why ?
Shape and improve its image by sponsoring a living artist, modernize and decorate your professional premises with original works: reception hall, meeting room, offices, rest room, outbuildings, show room, waiting room, office, showcase , stores, sales rooms, etc.


How? 'Or' What ?
► The works must be made by living artists, and must be exhibited in a place accessible to employees, customers, suppliers, etc., during the amortization period of the work, i.e. 5 years.

► The tax deduction made for each financial year cannot exceed 5 ‰ of the company's annual turnover.

► The deduction will be 20% of the purchase price of the work for 5 years.

► Original works by living artists are excluded from the professional tax base.


Extract from the corresponding General Tax Code: Art 238 bis AB, acquisition of works of art:
Companies can deduct from their taxable income the cost of acquisition of original works by living artists recorded in the fixed assets provided that they remain exposed to the public. This deduction is made in equal fractions on the results of the financial year of acquisition and the four following years for works purchased from 1.1.2002 (or the following nine or nineteen years for other works depending on whether they were acquired from 1.1.1994 or before that date).
The deduction made for each financial year, entered in a special reserve account, may not exceed the limit of 5 per thousand of turnover, minus the total of other deductions made for sponsorship.

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